Body Sculpting Program

Tones & sculpts the body.

Introducing the new device in body contouring, EmSculpt is an FDA-cleared energy device approved to burn fat and build muscle mass as it helps the treated area(s) to contract muscles beyond what is possible through your own means, helping you to achieve better muscle tone and enhanced fat reduction.

30 minutes on the machine is equivalent to 20,000 muscle contractions to sculpt the abs or buttocks.

4 +1 sessions – $4,000

Frequently Asked Questions

The best candidates for EmSculpt who are most likely to achieve visible, satisfying results, are already of normal weight, exercise regularly, and eat a healthy diet.

A session of EmSculpt feels like an intensive workout on the treated area, as your muscles undergo a vigorous series of contractions every few minutes for a total of 30 minutes. You will also experience a prickling sensation during the session.

There is no downtime associated with EmSculpt and you can resume your regular activities immediately after treatment.

With consistent treatments, the muscles in the treated area will feel stronger with each treatment, with increased muscle mass resulting about 2-4 weeks after the 4th treatment. You will also notice an improvement of the overlying fat approximately 3 months after the series is completed. To maintain your results, a good exercise regime is recommended, with EmSculpt treatments at 6-month intervals.

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