Laser Skin Resurfacing

As today’s image-conscious population matures, more patients seek procedures to eradicate or minimise lines and creases caused by sun damage and scars caused by acne. Laser Skin Resurfacing can dramatically rejuvenate skin, improve scars, and reduce unwanted pigments and wrinkles. With this treatment, expect your skin to look younger with less visible scarring.

What you can expect:

Frequently Asked Questions

The procedure typically takes around 20 minutes, and topical anaesthesia is optional.

After the procedure, patients will observe slight redness and minimal heat on the treated area, lasting approximately 4-6 hours. After that, Scabbing is expected, followed by peeling and recovery by the 5th to 7th day.

It is advisable for patients to apply moisturiser and sunblock after the procedure. In addition, patients should avoid skin care products that have acid content for the first seven days.

Patient will observe significant skin improvement from the 5th to 7th day onwards. This is because the thermal heating from the procedure will induce collagen remodelling, thus improving skin conditions.