Mole Removal

Moles are areas of pigmented skin.  Raised or flat, some people are born with moles, while other moles may appear over time.  Sun exposure seems to play a role in the development of moles.  Moles are frequently removed for a variety of reasons.  Most moles are harmless but one may wish to have them removed for cosmetic reasons.  Certain types of moles may be associated with a high frequency of skin cancer or melanoma, and therefore, the need to remove them.

What you can expect:

Frequently Asked Questions

Mole cells extend into the skin, and when they are removed, it leaves a hole which can cause scarring when healed. Our experienced doctor can minimise scarring through proper care.

There is always a possibility of recurrence as moles are made up of active cells. This is especially so if the mole is not removed completely.

When mole removal treatment is done with an experienced and knowledgeable doctor, the chances of recurrence are almost zero.